About Deidra

Deidra Wesley was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the age of six, she and her family moved to Sherman, Texas, a small town near the Oklahoma border. She attended Sherman High School where she participated in track and field, cheerleading, volleyball and basketball. She was also involved in the flag corp, community service clubs and played the flute in the band. During her senior year, she was named SHS Homecoming Queen.

After graduation, Deidra enrolled at the University of North Texas as a journalism major. She worked as a model and gymnastics coach to help pay for college. During her sophomore year, she joined UNT's track and field team as a walk-on and earned a full scholarship. She broke four school records at UNT.

Four years after initial enrollment, Deidra graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in radio, tv and film. She worked as an intern at WFAA in Dallas while attending graduate school and earned a master's degree in journalism the following year. Immediately after graduation, she received a job offer to work as a tv news producer for a local station in Fort Myers, Florida. After two years in the news business, she decided to focus on a career in athletics and accepted a position as a track and field coach at a division II university in South Florida.

Deidra has since returned to broadcast journalism and currently works as an associate producer for a national cable news network in Manhattan.