Industry Buzz

"She could make any athletic shoe look like a Ferrari!" - Dan Fullmer, Robeks Fruit Smoothies

"...beautiful smile... a wonderful person... looking forward to working with Deidra again in the future." - Stephen Santangelo, owner/director, Primal Fitness Systems

"...a pleasure!" - Lilias Hahn, producer, LAH Produces (Gatorade shoot)

"...enjoyed having Deidra in our production." - Cal Pozo, owner/director, FitVid Productions

"...the best!" - John Linn, photographer

"Thank you, thank you, Miss Deidra!" - Francesca Vanegas, former director, Florida Yoga Institute

Fan Mail

"Deidra is a source of inspiration and motivation for many. Deidra, may you always live the magic of your every dream." - Fridrick Sigurzson